Our Consultation Services


Project Hunting

by signing MOU with us, we will find the suitable big scale project from government and even private sector for your company within 1-year period


Documentation Review

We help companies out there to do prior documentation review in order to prepare your companies' capabilities for getting big scale projects


Business Advisors

connect you with an expert in a specific topic, business, or industry for a call or an in-person meeting. Tell us your goals and we will suggest the experts who can help you reach them.


Post Project Consultation

evaluating the effectiveness of a project’s processes, the project management team can refine its approach to future work and improve delivery time, quality, and profitability.

Our Previous Project Hunting

Civil Works

Involved in major construction projects

providing outstanding contracting services through our range of Services

Pipe Jacking

specializing in Trenchless Technology

trenchless technology method for the installation of a prefabricated pipe through the ground from a drive shaft to a reception shaft

Information Technology

Involved in major construction projects

provide high-quality construction services to a wide range of clients


electrical specialists providing one-stop solutions for all electrical engineering contracting works

deliver quality residential and commercial electric wiring works for better electric supply of the entire building

Our Working Process



This step gives you clarity on how to progress through the rest of the consulting process.


Identify Your Block

Usually we take about 1 year for hunting project with government and private sectors that suits with our client capabilities.



There are always going to be ways to refine, improve, and optimize the client’s situation.



By now in the consulting process, you’ve implemented your plan. Now that you’ve implemented it, you’ll get some feedback and data.

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